Review: THE GOOD HOUSE by Tananarive Due

Release Year 2003 Publisher Simon & Schuster Content Warnings Suicide, sexual assault, death of a child, pet death, racism, anti-black and anti-native slurs Links Indiebound | Bookshop | Kobo | | Wordery Angela Toussaint is working on rebuilding her life after tragedy when she returns to her ancestral home, known to the folks around…Continue reading »

Review: SHIP OF FOOLS by Richard Paul Russo

The Argonos is a spaceship that wanders aimlessly throughout the galaxy in search of habitable planets. Bartolomeo is the captain’s advisor, and the only person on the ship with the tenacity to deal with a developing situation: the possible existence of an alien ship never before seen by humans.

New Release: A MASTER OF DJINN by P. Djèlí Clark

Someone murders a wealthy Englishman and his secret brotherhood dedicated to al-Jahiz—the sorcerer who changed the course of history by allowing magic into our world. But why? What magic could have burned these men but not the clothes on their backs? Was the Englishman’s son really out of the country at the time of the murders? And who is the man running around Cairo claiming to be al-Jahiz himself? It’s up to Agent Fatma el-Sha’arawi of the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities to find the answers.

Review: THE ECHO WIFE by Sarah Gailey

Evelyn Caldwell is an award-winning scientist researching human cloning. Martine is her illegal clone—and now, her ex-husband’s new fiancée. Evelyn would prefer to put the past behind her and forget all about Nathan and Martine, but one day Martine calls her, frantic, begging her for help, and Evelyn gets sucked in to becoming Martine’s partner in crime.

New Release: PROJECT HAIL MARY by Andy Weir

Release Date May 4, 2021 Publisher Ballantine Books Content Warnings Suicide, global warming/climate change, murder Did I receive an ARC? Yes Links Indiebound | Bookshop | Kobo He wakes up on a spaceship hurtling through space at enough acceleration to create gravity. There are two skeletons in the beds next to him, and a robot…Continue reading »

Review: THE CONDUCTORS by Nicole Glover

After years of being Conductors on the Underground Railroad, Hetty Rhodes and her husband-of-convenience, Benjy, have settled in Philadelphia, and they are the ones people call when there are crimes that white authorities won’t take care of. Then one night, they find the body of one of their friends in an alleyway, with a cursed sigil carved into his chest. Finding the murderer could mean turning against one of their friends…


Release Date 2009 Publisher Picador (translation) Content Warnings Dementia Translator Stephen Snyder Links Indiebound | Bookshop | Kobo | A housekeeper gets a strange client from her managing company: an elderly mathematics professor who, after an accident some twenty years prior, has a memory that lasts only eighty minutes. The housekeeper reintroduces herself every…Continue reading »

Review: SABRIEL by Garth Nix

Sabriel is about to graduate when she receives a messenger from her father at her boarding school. The messenger has traveled from the realm of the dead, and Sabriel knows that it can only mean one thing: her father has entered the afterlife and cannot return. She crosses the border into the Old Kingdom, a medieval land rife with magic, accompanied by a malevolent being in the body of a cat and a man who used to be a statue to find her father’s body and use her necromancy to revive him.

New Release: DEFEKT by Nino Cipri

If you read Finna, you’ll recall that the only reason Ava was working when a wormhole opened up in their LitenVärld furniture store was because she was covering for “fucking Derek,” who had called out sick. Well folks, I’m pleased to introduce you to Fucking Derek: the model employee who practices his customer service voice in front of a mirror, struggles to interact with coworkers, and isn’t entirely sure of his place in the LitenVärld ecosystem.

Review: THE ICARUS GIRL by Helen Oyeyemi

Jess, daughter of a Nigerian immigrant and an Englishman, is different. At eight, her imagination stretches too far for her mind, and she has episodes when it gets too much for her. When she visits her Nigerian family, she meets TillyTilly, a strange girl secretly living in the long-unused servant quarters of her grandfather’s housing complex. As Jess spends more time with TillyTilly, she begins to realize that her friend is not what she seems.


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