August Favorites

This post was fun to make last month, so I figured I’d do it again! The only problem is… I just didn’t read as much short fiction this month. Or at least, I didn’t read as much short fiction that’s available to read for free online. I read tons of short stories this month—I finished … Continue reading “August Favorites”

CERTAIN DARK THINGS by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

After finding her mother’s decapitated head at the entrance to their compound, Atl takes deadly revenge on a neighboring vampire gang. In retribution, they murder her entire family and she barely escapes with her life, fleeing to Mexico City—the one place in Mexico that is supposedly vampire-free. Holed up in an apartment, refraining from food … Continue reading “CERTAIN DARK THINGS by Silvia Moreno-Garcia”


Release Date 2005 Publisher Bloomsbury Content Warnings Sexual Assault, violence, body horror, transphobia, homophobia, excrement/bodily fluids Links Indiebound | Bookshop | Kobo | On the present-day streets of Kolkata, a middle-aged history professor meets a stranger who claims he is half-werewolf. In the days of the Mughal Empire, three companions cross India as they … Continue reading “THE DEVOURERS by Indra Das”

ALL’S WELL by Mona Awad Review

After a career-ending fall from the stage as an actress, Miranda now grapples with devastating chronic pain and teaching uninspired student actors at an underfunded New England college theater program. For their Shakespeare production, Miranda is determined to put on a production of All’s Well That Ends Well, the unpopular problem play she once starred in—but her students are hellbent on performing Macbeth. As Miranda goes head to head with her mulish lead actress, she meets some men at the bar who offer an unorthodox solution.

July Favorites

In June, I encountered it: the dreaded reading slump. I was still reading more than the average American, but my six June books was a significant drop from more than twice that in both May and April. Although I’m back to reading voraciously at the end of July, I’m still facing my second hurdle—a complete … Continue reading “July Favorites”

Review: THE GHOST FINDERS by Adam McOmber

Henry Coxton, along with his friends Christopher and Violet, has recently taken over his mentor’s ghost finding business in Victorian London when he receives a strange summons to commune with a woman’s dead husband. When the friends arrive at the dilapidated mansion, they find themselves unwilling pawns of a scheme with cosmic implications.

Review: BIRTH OF THE ANIMA by Kelsey K. Sather

For fifteen thousand years, the Anima—the bridge between the human and the animal world—has been reborn, attempting to bring peace between humans and animals, even while humanity throws the world ever further out of balance. Now it is time for the twelfth and final Anima to be reborn, but how can she finally bring balance to the world when all the Anima before her have failed?

New Release: THE QUEEN OF THE CICADAS by V. Castro

wedding venue is the setting for a spooky ghost story they heard as children—the urban legend of la Reina de las Chicharras, a Mexican farm worker who was brutally murdered in the 1950s. Belinda finds herself obsessed with uncovering the story, and finds herself inextricably linked to la Reina.


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